Best Buying Practice – Print 1/10

1)      Give specs, Get quote – make sure you provide the right specifications to the printer when obtaining a quote and/or placing an order. The most basic information is:

  • Specify what the product is, ie. Brochure, postcard, booklet
  • Specify the number of pages if it’s a brochure or booklet  and whether it is self-cover or plus cover (Self-cover means that all pages print on the same paper; Plus cover means that the cover prints on a different paper)
  • Specify if the job prints colour or black only, example
    i.      4/0 which means full colour on one side and nothing printing on the back
    ii.      4/4 which means full colour on both sides
    iii.      2/1 which means 2 colours (a PMS and a Black) on one side and Black on the back
  • If it’s a booklet with a cover than you should specify what colour scheme the cover uses and what colour scheme the inside pages use, example
    i.      Cover – 4/4; Inside Guts – 1/1 which means the cover prints in full colour and the inside pages print only in one colour (ie black)
  • Specify the Flat size and the Finished size of the piece
  • Specify the type of paper to use and the proper weight, examples:
    i.      Weight – 70lb, 80lb, etc.
    ii.      Brand – specify the brand of paper, if you don’t , the printer will use his house stock meaning the paper that he orders the most of, which in most cases means most economical.
    iii.      Finish – Coated : Gloss, Matte, Silk or Uncoated/Offset: Smooth, Regular
    iv.      Type: Text weight (regular “flimsy” paper;
  • Specify the type of finishing, ie. Trim, Fold,  Score, Stitch, Glue, etc.
  • Specify how you want this packaged: Bulk in cartons, Shrinkwrapped in bundles of #,Banded in bundles of #
  • Specify the quantity – number of finished pieces

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