Best Buying Practice – Print 3/10

3)      ALWAYS demand to be billed and to pay at the time you pickup the job. The temptation will be great to get the invoice in the mail and pay in 30 days but here’s what you get when you pay at time of pickup:

  • Cash Savings – you can get as much as a 2% price reduction if you pay at the time of pickup – just ask for it. If you print a lot in a year that 2% adds up to a good chunk of money. I get 1% cash-back from my credit card and I’m very happy when I get that check at the end of the year. I remember my first bosses pocketed tens of thousands in a year doing just that – demanding to pay right away for a little cash discount.
  • Priority Service – most customers don’t pay at the time of pickup which means the printer has to wait at least 30 days to get paid for his work. Whom do you think he will offer greater favours – the guy who pays in 30 days or the guy who gives him cash at pickup? A recent project landed on my lap on a Friday afternoon at 2pm. It was an odd size 12 page plus cover coupon booklet with every page perf’ed. I had to have 7000 on Saturday by 12 noon. One phone call, and the following morning I paid cash, picked up my order and delivered to my customer. Because the saying does not go… Invoice talks…

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