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On-demand book printing for travelers has finally arrived

mobile print kioskHave you ever been stuck at the airport with an iPad or a Kindle? You wanted to read that ebook but what you really craved for was the touch and feel of paper in your fingers. You yearned to lick your index finger and press it against the page sliding the edge of it just hard enough to generate that pleasant wood fiber against wood fiber grinding swoosh sound while the page flips over. Well, now you can. A printing company has installed a Mobile Print Kiosk at Pearson International Airport. You connect to it with your wifi enabled device, pay with your credit card and print the book out.

Never be without a paper book on an airplane again.

Can Augmented Reality help print?

Can Augmented Reality help print?

Wallpaper Magazine has recently released an experimental version of their magazine – still ink on paper but with an incorporated QR code which when scanned by a mobile telephone camera or a webcam connects to the magazines server, activates a specific program and begins displaying digital images on top of the actual image being viewed in the mobile device. Amazing stuff. Now I’m not about to run to the newstand to pay for a copy of the magazine just to see this in action, that’s why I asked the title question if this will help print. I figured I’ll use technology to show off technology. So, below is a video capture of what happens when a webcam scans the magazine’s cover page off the iPhone. Enjoy.