Digital is Dead – Google chooses to “Print”

Don’t start getting all your ads off the internet yet– they are still worth something. But be advised that digital does not always work as well as you think. Even the elephant in the room who’s been telling everyone for the past 10 years that online advertising is the best way to get customers has recently come to the realization that the new Ink and Paper method is worth engaging to attract new customers when the old Digital way does no longer do the job.

google's direct mail piece

This morning I have opened up my POBox to find an envelope with Google’s logo on it and my address plus FSC logo which is fashionable now. Inside was a 4 page postcard printed 4/2 on a 100% recycled paper and a business card sized 14pt card with rounded corners printed 4/4 digital with a variable code on one side and most likely AQ coating (it definitely looks like a shell card because the AQ coating goes only half way on one side to ensure that the variable code can be imprinted at any time). What surprised me though was the fact that there was no QR code on the card. Google actually wants me to type the 29 character URL into my browser and then type the 24 random character code to get a credit for my Adsense. Although, for me this is a little too much work I’m sure there may be others who will jump on this direct mail offer. Good for you Google. I’m sure others will follow realizing that Print is still King, for local businesses.


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