Latte Art Printing

Next time you take your customer for a latte make sure you have your logo file saved on your stick and handy because you may be able to impress him by handing him his mug with your logo printed right on the foam. That’s right. An engineer in the US has developed a process of using inkjet printing technology using cartridges filled with caramel sugar to print on top of your latte’s foam.
latteartsmallThe inventor of the latte printing machine is Oleksiy Pikalo. An electrical engineer who specializes in embedded systems programming. Using off the shelf products, parts purchased on eBay and books on inkjet technology he put together a machine that, after some experimentation, created various vector images on coffee. As the printer did its magic a friend recorded a short video and posted it on YouTube. The video generated several thousands of views daily. The company’s website states that 327+ printing machines have been preordered already.
Possible applications: coffee shops, restaurants, caterers and event planners, weddings, reunions, birthdays, sales meetings. I wonder if people will actually drink their coffee or will they take pictures with their mobile phones and send them off to their friends?



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