Nothing to worry about print

In the last couple of days I had a few interesting confrontations with the notion that the printed document is generating attention. I wonder if it has something to do with the bombardment of ads and media PRs about e-readers, iSlate tablets and smartphones .
Two examples that I want to share quickly are:
1) Wall Street Journal published a study about direct mail marketing. The study reveals that companies which traded direct mail marketing for the less expensive email marketing have suffered declines in revenues.  (Ouch, maybe not that less expensive after all) Their customers have also signaled to them their disappointment, some even phoned in to ask whether they had been dropped from the mailing list.
I don’t think anyone ever calls a company to find out why they are not receiving their email newsletter in the Junk Box.
2) During a meeting with one of my clients we were discussing the launch of a new Epoxy-type floor product. We brainstormed all kinds of marketing ideas yet the company marketing people, like a boomerang, always returned to the phrase “but a printed piece just has that trust feeling attached to it.”
I say this – in the new information age there’s room for print and Internet (TV, radio & computer converged).


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