Save money print 1 sided business card

Designers will tell you: “first impressions are important; therefore, create a double sided business card.” Benefit to the designer: Charge by the hour – make a little more.
Printers will tell you: “print double sided business card it’s not that much more expensive.”
Benefit to the printer: Extra side to print on – charge a little more.
Benefit to you: none. The first impression you make happens in the first 30 seconds you meet face to face with the person before you give the business card. The person takes the card and puts it in a wallet or rolodex with the contact information facing out; the back never sees the light of day. Don’t waste your money unless you are functioning as a bilingual organization.
Make sure the face of the business card is nicely laid out with the important contact information legible and readable. Try designing your logo so that it looks good using one or two colors only and you’ll create a good impression. Less is more.

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  1. Kaden Hayes says:

    A very professional looking business card is really very important in promoting your business. It makes good impression among customers.`,-

  2. Jack Carter says:

    i always make my own business card through adobe photoshop and ms word, they are satisfactorily made though’`-

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